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A story about the various life-changing experience (miscarriage, divorce, rejection, loss, grief) that took me on a journey of self-discovery. Learning from mistakes, learning from successes—the lessons that I’ve learned and now implement in my daily routine have taken me to this point where I began discovering who I am. Understanding my mind and the thoughts it produces has allowed me to become my own best friend and nurture myself–to live happily.

What’s Your Story? is a reminder that life is something we should cherish because we never know when it may be over. And knowing oneself just might open up new paths; so why not take them? Life isn’t about what others think or want for us–it’s what we want for ourselves! And with these tools and techniques, we can all make each day count–whether it be through positivity, gratitude, or forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes.

Growth StoryHub was founded with the intention to inspire, support, empower and motivate individuals dealing with loss,( death, divorce, miscarriage, social alienation).

Empowering and inspiring people to take control of life-changing experiences gained through living and create a purpose-driven experience.

True healing starts when one learns to be aware and listen to one’s inner self.

The only way to nurture that is through constant/regular connection with your inner self.

Nurturing and positive self-talking to your inner self will help you to find the answers to your problems.

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About the Author

Ashmeeta Madhav is an inspirational woman, a lifelong learner and advocate for healthy kids’ mental health. Mother of three incredible children. Ashmeeta Madhav has worked extensively in Early Childhood Education – working with children from 0-6 – in Southern Africa, North America, and Europe.

Not only was she an expert in early childhood development, but also, she is a successful entrepreneur and even more importantly – a woman who experienced many tragedies during her life which helped shape her into the person that she is today.

After many trials and tribulations, this incredible woman finally realized that no matter how hard life gets, personal growth through self-discovery is key – without It we’re meaningless souls traveling blindly towards an eternal dark void.

For every challenge, Ashmeeta found ways to improve herself by connecting with the deepest parts of herself in order to find peace within; all while ensuring that her children grew up happy and healthy despite their circumstances. It became apparent to Ashmeeta what truly mattered most when you prioritize your happiness over everything else.

This insightful memoir details one woman’s extraordinary transformation through forgiveness, understanding, appreciation, and love – teaching us all that regardless of our status or situation we can all change; grow; live an amazing life just by simply acknowledging where we are right now and stopping time at that moment if need be until we reach the place we desire most: ourselves!

What’s Your Story?

#1 Way to Create a New Reality With Your Thinking

Chapter 1 “What Is Happening?”

You repeatedly find yourself in similar situations and it is starting to feel uncomfortable.

Chapter 2 “Why Is This Happening?”

Take an account of the consistent experience and dissect it

Chapter 3 “The Search Begins.”

Discovering the workings of the mind, intellect, and thoughts

Chapter 4 “Tools and Techniques.”

Trial and error and making a certain practice my own. I draw what I need from the tools and techniques to help me grow.

Chapter 5 “Proof”

The practice of gratitude in the healing and acceptance process

Chapter 6 “Life Altering Experiences Stick”

The experiences that started the journey. The stories that got created and became my reality.

Chapter 7 “Making Sense of It All”

Embrace your reality, seek guidance from professionals, have a positive outlook, and love yourself as you walk on this path.

Chapter 8 “The New Beginning”

Putting things into perspective, understanding the grieving process, and connecting to spirituality.

Chapter 9 “Always a Way”

Carving out a new reality with my thoughts as my best friend. Know yourself

Chapter 10 “What’s My Story?”

My present story and reality. Challenge you to start your journey.

What's Your Story?

#1 Way to Create a New Reality With Your Thinking

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