Grieving is a natural process of dealing with loss emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

It’s not a problem or weakness.

The journey is personal. By accepting and moving forward, we can find a new purpose and build a new life.


Embrace!          Empower!          Evolve!

Growth StoryHub

Growth StoryHub stems from a desire to inspire, support, empower, and motivate those navigating various losses – be it death, divorce, miscarriage, or social alienation. This initiative aims to empower individuals to craft purpose-driven experiences from life-changing events.

Meet the Author

Hello, I am Ashmeeta Rama Madhav, a dedicated resilience and grief support advocate, educator, entrepreneur, and author committed to lifelong learning. My transformative journey began in my early twenties, marked by profound experiences including miscarriage, rejection, and the heartbreaking loss of my parents and husband. These challenges immersed me in the depths of intense grief, leaving me feeling stuck and adrift. However, I embraced the path of self-discovery, recognizing the vital role of personal growth and the profound impact of thoughts on shaping one’s reality. At the core of my endeavors is a passion for helping others, a commitment reflected in my book, “What’s Your Story?” My message is designed to provide comfort, inspiration, and guidance, empowering those navigating difficult times to discover the strength within themselves, fostering resilience, and creating a meaningful life. Remember, experiencing loss doesn’t signify the end of your life’s story; it’s merely the closure of one chapter, heralding the beginning of another. This transformative experience doesn’t have to define or destroy you – there is always hope!

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Summary of the Book

What’s Your Story? serves as a poignant reminder of life’s precious nature, urging readers to gain perspective and recognize that the essence of existence lies in self-discovery and personal growth.

This book empowers individuals to take charge of their lives and evolution. Through practical tools and techniques, readers are guided on a transformative journey of self-discovery and realization. The central premise is that by cultivating a strong connection with oneself, one can enhance the quality of their own life and positively impact those around them. By embracing positive thoughts, gratitude, and self-forgiveness to decipher one’s thought patterns, readers can actively shape the narrative of their lives.


Let’s challenge ourselves to embark on a journey, where hope is the fuel and the road is paved with three words:

                           Embrace, Empower, Evolve!

These three gems are the blueprint for a life full of growth and success. 

We invite you to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with our #GrieveAndGrowChallenge. ️



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