We invite you to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with our #GrieveAndGrowChallenge. 

While we honor the memories of our departed loved ones, let’s also embrace the opportunity to create new traditions that reflect our evolving reality.

 How to Participate:

1. Post a photo or video on your Instagram profile following the challenge guidelines.
2. Use the hashtag #GrieveAndGrowChallenge in your caption.
3. Tag and encourage friends who may benefit from this healing journey.

 Challenge Guidelines:

1. #RememberAndRecreate : Share a cherished memory of your departed loved one, and in the same post, propose a new holiday tradition that symbolizes growth and resilience. Whether it’s a simple ritual or an adventurous activity, let it be a celebration of life and a step towards healing.

2. #WholeBeingWellness : Take a moment to focus on your holistic well-being—mind, heart, and spirit. Engage in a self-care practice that nurtures each aspect of your being. It could be meditation, journaling, a nature walk, or any activity that brings you peace and comfort.

3. #ReflectAndRenew : Share a photo or a few words reflecting on your journey of grief and growth. How have you navigated the challenges, and what lessons have you learned? Encourage others by expressing your resilience and newfound strength.

4. #CommunitySupport : Reach out to someone in the challenge who may be going through a tough time. Offer words of encouragement, share your experiences, and let them know they’re not alone on this journey.

5. #NewTraditionsTogether : Engage with others in the challenge, exchange ideas, and find inspiration in the collective strength of our community. Together, let’s create a tapestry of new traditions that honor the past while embracing the present.

Let’s transform grief into growth, and the present moment to be a time of reflection, renewal, and the creation of beautiful new traditions. 







https://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/FFF-Guide/Children-And-Grief-008.aspx (https://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/FFF-Guide/Children-And-Grief-008.aspx)


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