I admire Ashmeeta’s ability to adjust to this new chapter in her life with amazing courage and strength. She has proven to have great determination and resilience. She is leading her family with love and greatness. She is an inspiration to all who know her. – Silvana Borzatta

Ashmeeta is strong, thoughtful, courageous and inspiring. Faced with change and uncertainty from the unexpected loss of her husband, she has moved forward with strength and resilience. Moving with her children across the country to start a new life and business exemplifies her drive to strive for the best for her and her family no matter how difficult the path may be. – Rina Kato

Ashmeeta is an amazing parent, friend and daughter. She gives everything for her family and when her husband got sick, she jumped into action to be there for him, searched for medical answers while still balanced the needs of her children. When he passed, by herself, she handled everything. From taking care of finances to packing up her home and moving, she remained strong and persevered.

Ashmeeta continues to lead her family with strength and love in this next phase of her life. Now, in her new home in Seattle, she is running a business, taking care of her two children at home, guiding her oldest who is far away at college as well as care for her ailing father. She is always busy, but still manages to be emotionally and physically there for others. Ashmeeta has been and continues to be the incredible person whom I have been blessed to call my friend for the past decade.

Michelle Koles

A true compassionate friend who does not shy away from supporting you when the world has all but forsaken you. When you feel you’ve given up on yourself, she’s the one in your corner guiding you, motivating you to inspire you, and above all, to restore hope and faith within you.

Ashmeeta does not sugar-coat or say what you WANT to hear; she’s not about to appease your ego. Armed with her insight and positive approach, combined with her genuine interest in your well-being, expect to hear what you NEED to hear in order for you to heal and become whole again …. there’s no false pacifying egos with her. Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t and didn’t.

Deepika Patel

What I know of Ashmeeta is that she puts her best into whatever she does. Be it work, family, hobbies, and more. Her enthusiasm and grit to follow what speaks to her is remarkable and can be infectious. Moving across the USA during the pandemic is not an easy task for anyone but Ashmeeta knew what was right for her family after the untimely loss of her husband and decided to start afresh in a new place. She is a hardcore proponent of family, love, and new beginnings.

Aruna Ayer

It was such a privilege to get to work with Ashmeeta and offer support during a very painful time in her life. She is not a quitter, and she cherishes her family relationships.

Janine Kitzman

I got to know Ashmeeta after the death of her husband, as a single parent trying to figure out her next steps. Ashmeeta is very passionate about being there to be a support for her children, parenting is difficult enough for two parent families let alone when a person must work through her own grief and her children’s grief. Ashmeeta is a spiritual person, who values prayer and entrusts her life to God’s purposes. She understands the things which happen in life can bring greater meaning and purpose to life which she seeks to find for herself. Ashmeeta is courageous, working to balance what is the most beneficial for her children and making a new life for herself. She is a thinker and is conscientious in making decisions. She considers what is happening in her life and how she can make a positive impact. She is also grateful for those around her and expresses how much they have impacted and encouraged her.
Dana Naumann

Ashmeeta is a woman of passion and determination. She is kind and loving to her family and friends. She always finishes what she starts despite any difficulties she may face. She is a great friend who opens her home to you so you can relax and unburden yourself. She will feed you and make you feel loved and appreciated. Ashmeeta is a great mother and makes sure her children receive the best from her. She recognizes and nurtures their unique gifts and talents. She works tirelessly to make sure they are successful at school and in extra-curricular activities.

After the death of her husband, Ashmeeta walked a difficult path navigating through all the challenges that came her way. She didn’t let her grief and sorrow keep her down, but she rose up and accepted the new roles she had to play as mother and father to her children. She is eager and willing to learn new things if it means providing a better life and future for her children. I’m so glad to see her writing a new book that will help countless people walk the rough paths in life.

Sharmini Wickramsingha

Thoughts that come to mind when I think of Ashmeeta are strong, steadfast, intelligent, advocate, kind, other-focused, compassionate, servant-hearted. She handled her husband’s illness, his passing, and single parenting with strength, persistence, thoughtfulness, consistency, kindness, and grace. I cannot imagine going through what she has gone through. I have watched her handle it with honesty and she has been real. She has walked through the grief well.

Lora Seifert

Ashmeeta, a risk-taker with an adventurous spirit, is a beacon of light to many people – someone whom you can become fast friends with because of her openness and loving nature. Her calmness and strength shined when she became a widow and a single parent at a young age. She put aside her pain and continued to care for others. Her loving heart and peacefulness will propel her forward to help others.

Patti Lentz

Ashmeeta has courageously embraced a new chapter in her life. She has cleverly focused on her own health and well-being during this challenging time. As a result, she has experienced such significant personal growth, with her openness to new meaningful opportunities. She continues to prioritize spending quality time with her family, giving back to others, and practicing gratitude. When feeling pain at times, she has wisely offered herself love and patience. She gravitates to what inspires and offers strength. It is a privilege to connect with someone like Ashmeeta.

Kelly A. Barton, LICSW

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